Dryer MMDS
Dryer MMDS

◎ Two Types of IPA Mist Generation Systems

     1. Injection System 

          IPA concentration control

          Independent adjustable IPA flow rate and N2 flow rate


     2. Budding System 

          Selectable N2 gas temperature (hot and cool)

          Switchable high and low concentration


◎ Two Types of IPA Mist Jet Systems

     1. Indirect Jet System 

          Uniformed IPA concentration in the drying chamber

          Decreased drying time by 250-300 seconds (including transfer time)


     2. Direct Jet System 

          IPA mist jet system from the upper part in the chamber

          Switchable high and low consentration


◎ Continuous process in oxygen-free conditions 

◎ RD mode (DIW) rinse-dry

◎ FRD mode DHF- (DIW) rinse-dry

◎ Uniformity: oxide etch uniformity

◎ 30ű4% (FMMDS mode only)

◎ 45nm compatibility