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Privacy statement

Privacy Statement

Welcome to JET. JET is extremely important to users of personal information protection issues online.
JET personal information protection policy consists of : Please visit regularly for this protection policy to be changed regularly.
JET's personal information handling statement includes:

1. Collection and Collection Method of Personal Information

2. Collection and using personal information

3. Keeping and using personal information

Collection and Collection Personal Information Collection

(1) Items of personal information collected
JET collects the following personal information to provide membership registration, smooth customer interactions, and various services.

- Name, date of birth, gender, ID , password, pen, address, contacts, employment, subscription values, etc.

Only members of the following personal information are collected selectively for members who require more service.

(2) Collection personal information
Only the users of JET voluntarily collect personal information only when they are voluntarily entered.

Personal Information Collection and Usage

JET utilizes the collected personal information for the following Purposes:

Membership of the members of the service system, confirmation of personal identification, identification of the defect, fraudulent use of the defect, prevention of unauthorized use, identification of affiliation, subscribe to subscribe, and registration of subscription and subscription. Check if consent of the legal representative is obtained when collecting personal information for children under 14 years of age (2) Developing and marketing a new service Providing customized services based on new service development and personal orientation, offering services based on statistical characteristics, advertising, advertising and advertising information, and providing attention Only general information about the type of person you have is provided, and no specific information is provided.

Personal information retention and utilization period

If the collection and utilization of the personal information is withdrawn or the utilization of the personal information is withdrawn or the utilization of the personal information is achieved, or the utilization and utilization period is ended. Abandon the personal information without delay. However, for the following information, the following information is retained for the duration specified below :

- Site usage and visit history, access logs, access IP information : 3 months (Protection Committments Protection Act)

- Record on display / advertising : Six months (Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc.)

- Records on contracts or withdrawal of contracts (Act 5, 5 years on consumer protection, etc.)

- Records on the supply of payments and goods, such as the Act on Consumer Protection (Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce)

- Records relating to consumer complaints or handling of disputes : 3 years (Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc.)

- Record on personal location information : 1 year (Act on Protection and Utilization of Location Information)