Business Activities

  • Our technical strength goes hand-in-hand with the technologies driving progress throughout the world.

    As development on IoT (Internet of Things) products and AI continues unabated, we are seeing semiconductors become further entrenched in people’s everyday lives. J.E.T.’s cutting edge technologies lead the charge in supporting the production of and enhancing such semiconductors. Semiconductor technologies and the global semiconductor markets are expected to see further growth and expansion in the future. Our company strives to run in step with this technical advancement in supporting semiconductor manufacturing.

  • A strong business foundation makes for a high level of international competitiveness.

    The semiconductor market in which the Company is involved is an industry that sees incredibly rapid cycles of technological innovation and growth. A company must have the strength and stability to continually deliver new technologies and products in response to this ever-changing industry. With sound business performance and access to an ample supply of funds, the Company has the strong constitution needed to deftly respond to market changes, and we look to improving quality and our technical abilities in delivering products to a high level of customer satisfaction in striving to serve as an exceptional company that endures. Looking ahead we hope to continue to draw upon our combined organizational strength - one that puts people first - in further contributing to society.