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Dryer MMDS

IPA Vapor Condensation Dryer


Two Types of IPA Mist Generation Systems

  1. Injection System
    • IPA concentration control
    • Independent adjustable IPA flow rate and N2 flow rate
  2. Budding System
    • Selectable N2 gas temperature (hot and cool)
    • Switchable high and low consentration

Two Types of IPA Mist Jet Systems

  1. Indirect Jet System
    • Uniformed IPA consentration in the drying chamber
    • Decreased drying tyme by 250-300 seconds (including transfer time)
  2. Direct Jet System
    • IPA mist jet system from the upper part in the chamber
    • Switchable high and low consentration


  • Continuous process in oxygen-free conditions
    • RD mode (DIW) rinse-dry
    • FRD mode DHF- (DIW) rinse-dry
  • Uniformity: oxide etch uniformity
  • 30ű4% (FMMDS mode only)
  • 45nm compatibility

Dryer Zero-system

Lower amount of IPA usage!


  • Use of room temperature IPA mist (low IPA usage)
  • Flexible construction when replacing existing JET tools
  • Thin wafer compatibility
  • Patent pending
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